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Electric trikes in SarasotaElectric Trikes

We now offer what we believe are the best Electric Trikes out there today. Built on a Schwinn Meridian Frame (26″ or 24″), our E-trikes boast either a 36V or 48V lithium ion battery, 5 speeds of Pedal Assist with Throttle override,LCD, lights, mirrors and your choice of seat. AND our famous Sun Baja Fat tire Etrike is AWESOME!!! We can also provide your own trike with the same professionally installed system as well..but we love the Schwinn Meridian frame for looks, choice of colors and most of all, stability. DO NOT order an E-trike online! From past experience, we have found that there is no company that offers any support or in some cases even real contact info for E-trikes anywhere. Let your local company take care of you from purchase to service. We also do Recumbent Bikes and Trikes as well.

Electric trikes Sarasota